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But the Canada Goose Parka stigma is fierce

canadian goose jacket Mothers canada goose factory sale of kids with fetal alcohol syndrome speak out

canada goose deals EXCLUSIVE ‚I stopped drinking at buy canada goose jacket cheap 8 weeks buy canada goose jacket pregnant‘: Six mothers of babies with fetal alcohol syndrome reveal the agony canada goose uk outlet of being branded alcoholics while canada goose black friday sale struggling to cope with their child’s severe behavioral disability

Six mothers have shared their stories of what Canada Goose Online it’s like to raise children who have fetal alcohol syndromeExposed to alcohol prenatally, these children often have distinguishing facial features and suffer from lifelong behavioraldisabilitiesThe mothers explain that people assume FASD is the byproduct of uneducated, poor, young, irresponsible women and that Canada Goose Outlet their canada goose clearance children just have ‚behavioral issues’More than 50% of America’s FASD sufferers have been jailed. Support groups claim this is largely due to misunderstanding of their conditionNatyra, Amanda, Tina, Megan, Vicki and Crystal share their canada goose coats emotional roller coasters, their daily struggles and their fears for their children’s futuresBy

buy canada goose jacket When Natyra Teske was 18 years old, she found out she was eight weeks pregnant. Still in high school in Alberta, Canada, she and her boyfriend were shocked and nervous but excited.

canada goose store They stocked up on baby gear, followed every pregnancy guide to the letter, ate well, rested up. And, like most expectant moms, Natyra stopped drinking alcohol immediately.

But still, from his birth in 2001, their son Nico had severe developmental problems that required round the clock attention. He would scream when touched. As he grew, he would pull out clumps of his hair, punch through walls, and even threaten suicide. Doctors suspected autism; no tests showed a match.

Last October, with Nico canada goose uk black friday aged 16, doctors finally reached a staggering diagnosis: he has fetal alcohol syndrome.

It is a story all too familiar for the thousands of families across the United States either canadian goose jacket biological parents or adoptive parents who have struggled to get a diagnosis for their child’s disability because doctors assume that condition belongs to a certain sector of society.

Canada Goose Jackets If you meet a child born poisoned with alcohol, what comes to mind? Chances are, an image of an alcoholic mother and a broken home.

As these six women show, that is not always the case. But the Canada Goose Parka stigma is fierce, Canada Goose Jackets and explaining their child’s crippling condition is complicated, to say the least.

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Vicki Canada Goose sale (left) grapples with raising a teenage girl who has FASD, Megan (center) took custody of her sister’s biological son and Crystal (right) has two daughters with the disorder but who lie on opposite ends of the spectrum

Few people even doctors understand the symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Treating it is a round the clock occupation.

Canada Goose Parka Most sufferers are first diagnosed with autism, ADHD or bipolar disorder because their behaviors cheap Canada Goose are so similar.

cheap Canada Goose Many but not all also have physical symptoms. They have a thin upper lip, smaller eyes, smaller heads, stunted growth, and a damaged central nervous system, which causes issues with learning, memory, attention span, communication, vision, or hearing.

These children are prone to pulling their hair out, breaking furniture, and covering their ears and rocking back and forth in Canada Goose online reaction to loud noises.

It means they need incredibly strict routines to prevent violent outbursts.

With little public knowledge of how the disorder manifests itself, there are few resources to integrate children as they enter society. According to one report, 50 percent of individuals with FASD have a history of confinement in a jail, prison, residential drug treatment facility, or psychiatric hospital.

Canada Goose Outlet Their mothers are equally misunderstood.

Canada Goose online Amanda and Crystal both adopted children not knowing Canada Goose Coats On Sale the canada goose coats on sale birth mother drank; Tina, Megan and Vicki all adopted children knowing they had been prenatally exposed to alcohol.

One thing in common? They are full time carers just like mothers of children with any other disability.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Another? They all describe the same reaction from people who hear of their child’s condition: almost exclusively, people assume FASD is the byproduct of uneducated, poor, young, irresponsible mothers. The cheap canada goose uk assumption couldn’t be more wrong.

A study from Vanderbilt University canada goose outlet online last month found that pregnant women who are white, college educated, relatively older and have higher incomes are the most likely to consume canada goose alcohol during pregnancy, compared with other demographic groups.

canada goose coats ‚Universally, these women have been identified as alcoholics or sluts, which has permeated all the different strata,‘ said canada goose uk shop Diane Malbin, the uk canada goose executive director of the nonprofit organization FASCETS, which uk canada goose outlet offers workshops and consultations for guardians and educators of children with FAS.

canada goose clearance ‚And it has created this culture canada goose store of fear where women who need help are too scared to come forward.‘

canada goose In exclusive interviews with Daily Mail Online, they shared their emotional roller coasters, their daily struggles and their fears for their children’s futures.

canada goose clearance sale ‚I stopped drinking alcohol as soon as I found out I was pregnant and my son still has FASD‘: Natyra describes 16 year battle to get a diagnosis for Nico who can’t stand music and melts down screaming at the smell of Chinese food

canada goose black friday sale Living more than a decade without a diagnosis for little Nico, Natyra had started to do her own investigating canada goose clearance sale namely through Dr Google.